Miley’s Career Is Over?

E! onlines Answer Bitch talks about weather or not Miley’s career is over yet.

Q: If Miley’s movie The Last Song flops financially, since it already has critically, does that mean she finally might go away? Or at least what does it mean for her future film career? Will she fizzle out à la Hilary Duff?

A: For Miley Cyrus haters, the news is pretty bad.. specifically if you’re waiting for Cyrus to go away. Box office analyst Jeff Bock told E!: “Not a chance. Not a chance.” So far, The Last Song has brought in about $25 million, a smaller take than Cyrus’ other flicks, but still quite respectable. “While this

opening isn’t anywhere near the level of her Hannah Montana doppelgänger, this is a very strong opening for her as a solo artist. It’s her name above the title, and not many people reach that stature in Hollywood, much less deliver box office.” Yes, critics like me panned The Last Song, and Cyrus’ acting is only slightly deeper than her bra cup, but, as box office analyst said, “The true fan couldn’t give one lick about a review.”

As for why Cyrus didn’t earn more, well, she was up against two juggernauts: Clash of the Titans and a Tyler Perry movie. ‘She’s not going anywhere. She already has four more movies in development, and a fan base so strong, it will tolerate no criticism of the actress.”

Great to hear that Miley is NOT going anywhere for a while!


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